10 Best Jobs for Introverts (and How to Land Them)

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Work is so much more than your daily responsibilities: how you work, where you work, who you work with, and how success is measured are crucial qualities that can make or break how you feel about a job. When job hunting, it’s essential to consider how your personality factors into the role — especially if you’re an introvert.

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Introverts have unique strengths and preferences that make them better suited for specific roles and work environments. So, what are the best jobs for introverts? We’ll review the best skill sets and work environments for introverts, share a list of roles, and give advice from experts who work with introverts on landing the best job for your introverted personality. 

What Are Jobs for Introverts?

Jobs for introverts are aligned with typical introvert traits, skills, and preferences. 

An introvert is someone who gets their energy from spending time alone. That doesn’t mean they’re shy or people-avoidant; instead, they tend to thrive in independent environments. Introverts are often introspective, reflective, self-aware, and analytical. They’re great listeners who have good attention to detail. 

“Introverts possess excellent listening skills and are keen observers,” says Janice Chaka, CEO at The Career Introvert. “This enables them to understand the needs of clients or stakeholders and translate those requirements into actionable insights through data analysis. Their ability to listen attentively helps them ask the right questions and dig deeper into the data to uncover valuable information.”

The right jobs for introverts use these characteristics as superpowers to succeed at work. For example, an excellent job for an introvert could be data analyst, a role where they would  leverage their analytical skills and attention to detail. They’d work in a focused, independent environment to look closely at data and find patterns and trends that informed future decisions. 

Jobs for Introverts With Anxiety

Introversion and anxiety aren’t the same thing, but anxiety is often more prevalent in introverts versus extroverts. If you’re an introvert with anxiety, the best jobs for you might also have specific work environments or working relationships that allow you to thrive. For example, anxious introverts may find work situations like meetings and presentations stressful. Working in an environment that values other kinds of participation, like written reports or 1:1 feedback, might be a more positive experience.

“In my experience, an introvert-friendly workplace culture and a positive working relationship with one’s boss are more impactful than the position itself,” says Jessica Engle, director of the Social Anxiety Support Center and professional with over 14 years of experience helping shy professionals overcome anxiety at work. “Introverts will likely thrive if they work for a company that allows them periods of uninterrupted work, avoids unnecessary meetings, and rewards thoughtfulness over extroversion. Introverts are also likely to feel valued and safe if they have supervisors they can speak with honestly about how much quiet, focused work time they need and who doesn’t push them to participate in draining events such as work parties.”

Best Jobs for Introverts: The Complete List

So, what are some real-life examples of jobs for introverts? Here’s a list that includes jobs from various fields, work environments, and skill sets.


Average salary: $86,740
Job outlook: 4% (as fast as average)

What they do: Accountants are finance professionals who perform various tasks that help people and businesses manage their money. Some common accounting tasks include preparing and examining financial records, reviewing budgets, tracking profits, and evaluating financial risk.

Why it’s one of the best jobs for introverts: Because accountants deal with significant financial information, their work requires meticulous attention to detail and data analysis, which works well with introverts’ aptitude for detailed, focused work. Professionals in these roles also have a good amount of autonomy as accountants work independently on their projects.

Logo for Koch Industries


Analyze financial data sets, then share what you’ve found with senior leadership. 

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Avg. Time:
2-3 hours

Skills you’ll build:
Financial acumen, problem-solving, process ownership, organization, data analysis

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Average salary: $69,870
Job outlook: 4% (as fast as average)

What they do: Artists use their creativity and artistic skills to produce works in different mediums. For example, an artist might be a painter, sculptor, photographer, or illustrator. 

Why it’s one of the best jobs for introverts: Introverts are often highly creative people who might find inspiration and expression in deep, solitary artistic work. 

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Salary: $104,660
Job outlook: 10% (much faster than average)

What they do: Consultants help businesses solve problems to become more efficient and effective. These professionals can work in various industries, and depending on the type of consulting, they offer different services. For example, a strategy consultant will often work on the business’ overarching strategy, while a management consultant will work more closely on implementing that strategy. 

Why it’s one of the best jobs for introverts: Even if “strategy” isn’t in every consultant’s title, consulting jobs require a lot of strategic thinking and problem-solving, typical strengths for introverts. These jobs require more face-time with clients, so they’re good for introverts who want more balance between deep focus and analysis and working with others.

BCG logo on building

Introduction to Strategy Consulting

Learn to think and brainstorm like a consultant. Then, generate ideas to help a fictional clothing company increase its sales revenue.

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Avg. Time:
1-2 hours

Skills you’ll build:
Critical thinking, creativity, brainstorming

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Data Analyst

Average salary: $75,461
Job outlook: 11% (much faster than average)

What they do: A data analyst collects, cleans, and parses data to identify trends and patterns. Using these insights, they communicate with business stakeholders and help them solve organizational problems. For example, a data analyst might help identify why revenue dropped over a specific period of time or which social media posts are attracting the most new users.

Why it’s one of the best jobs for introverts: Data analytics is a detail-oriented field that requires strong attention to detail, focus, and problem-solving skills. While you’ll need to be able to explain your findings to stakeholders, most of this work is project-based and independent. 

working at Accenture

Data Analytics and Visualization

Use data and analytics to advise clients on their social media strategy. You’ll look through the data, practice data modeling, and connect your data insights to the business in a client presentation. 

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Avg. Time:
2-3 hours

Skills you’ll build:
Data analytics, data understanding, data modeling, project planning, communication

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Medical Scientist

Average salary: $110,670
Job outlook: 10% (much faster than average)

What they do: Medical scientists conduct research that aims to find solutions to human health problems. Through experimentation, data analysis, trials, and more, these scientists may develop new technologies or treatments that help improve people’s health. 

Why it’s one of the best jobs for introverts: Scientific research is typically solitary, process-oriented work that requires intense focus. Introverts’ strengths in observation, analysis, and written communication are all valuable assets for this kind of role.

thermo fisher scientific logo

Mass Spectometry

Use mass spectrometry, an analytical technique, to help screen athletes for prohibited performance-enhancing drugs.

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Avg. Time:
30-60 minutes

Skills you’ll build:
Understanding, principles, and basics of mass spectrometry, research, scientific process

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Average salary: $102,740 (clinical and counseling psychologists)
Job outlook: 6% (faster than average)

What they do: Psychologists study human behavior, including people’s feelings, thought processes, and actions. They may also research, diagnose, and treat mental health conditions and provide evaluations and therapy. 

Why it’s a good job for introverts: Psychologists work directly with clients, yet this work is typically one-on-one and requires empathy, analytical skills, observation, and active listening skills — all of which introverts excel at. 

Social Media Manager

Average salary: $70,287
Job outlook: 10% (much faster than average)

What they do: Social media managers plan, develop, and create social media posts to promote a company on different platforms. Their roles are typically part creative and part strategy. They need to be creative in developing different social media posts. They also need to strategically figure out what kind of content to publish and when, and iterate when their work is or isn’t performing well. 

Why it’s one of the best jobs for introverts: While engaging with online communities on social media may require some extroversion, these roles typically require a lot of strategic planning, scheduling, and analysis. Introverts can excel in these areas because of their strong written communication and analytical skills.

Software Engineer

Average salary: $132,930
Job outlook: 25% (much faster than average)

What they do: Software engineers create sets of instructions for computers by planning, designing, building, testing, and debugging software. These highly technical roles require hard skills like programming to develop new software. Depending on what type of software engineer you want to be, you’ll work on different parts of the software; for example, front-end engineers work on the parts of the software users see, and quality assurance engineers work on testing software.

Why it’s one of the best jobs for introverts: Software engineering requires long stretches of focused work, where a misplaced comma can affect whether the software works or not. Introverts with analytical skills, good concentration, and a love for complex problem-solving may thrive as software engineers.

J.P.Morgan bank corporation headquarters glass building concept. JP Morgan banking company symbol on front facade 3d illustration.

Software Engineering Lite

Step into the role of an entry-level software engineer at JPMorgan Chase & Co. You’ll complete an engineering ticket in the credit-card rewards department, including collecting the relevant codebase, making changes, writing code, and testing it.

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Avg. Time:
3-4 hours

Skills you’ll build:
Java, Git, unit testing, object-oriented programming

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UX Designer

Average salary: $101,740
Job outlook: 16% (much faster than average)

What they do: User experience (UX) designers work on enhancing a user’s experience with a website, app, or product to make it easier and more efficient. For example, let’s say I’m hoping to upgrade my apartment, and I’m on a furniture website. A UX designer would ensure my experience from clicking into the website to purchasing an item is seamless and helpful, whether by writing friendly website copy, adding buttons to help me organize my potential purchases, or including a “recommended items” feature. 

Why it’s one of the best jobs for introverts: UX design requires empathy to understand a user’s thoughts and motivations, a key characteristic of introverts. These roles also require a lot of independent, project-based work and creativity.

bp logo

Digital Design & UX

Try out the field of user research and design as you design an app for the electric vehicle industry.

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Avg. Time:
5-6 hours

Skills you’ll build:
User research, persona creation, wireframing, UI, UX, mobile design, product design, app design

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Average salary: $91,560
Job outlook: 4%

What they do: Writers share information, break down challenging concepts, and communicate ideas through the written word. Whether you’re interested in being a technical writer or a journalist, writers of all kinds tend to have very independent, project-based roles. As a writer, I find most of my work is done in solitude as I brainstorm, research, write, and edit my articles. 

Why it’s one of the best jobs for introverts: Writing roles require intense focus and self-motivation, which works well for introverts who prefer to work primarily solo. 

Advice for Getting a Job as an Introvert: Dos and Don’ts

The job search can be challenging. It may feel even more difficult for introverts who feel they have to pretend they aren’t introverted and brag about their achievements during the interview. However, introverts bring a lot of power to the workplace, and emphasizing your unique skill set can help you land a role in which you can thrive. 

Do Use Your Research Skills for Good

Introverts are great researchers and planners. ICF-certified career coach Tim Toterhi recommends leveraging this “preparation superpower” during the job search. 

“Researching the company, drafting your success stories, and taking time to practice your ‘tell me about yourself’ answer will pave the way for a perfect interview,” he says. 

Don’t Stress the Interview

While the interview might be the most stressful part of the job search process, Val Nelson, a career and business coach for introverts, says that introverts should focus on their unique skills. 

Instead of worrying about the interaction, “realize you have many strengths for interviews, like taking time to know the organization deeply and to prepare possible answers that feel true,” she says. “You’re also likely good at meaningful one-to-one connection from an authentic place, so you can lean on that and let words flow from a place of meaning and express the parts of the job you’re interested in. No extrovert mask required.”

BCLP Interview Preparation

Understand your strengths and learn how to communicate them with a prospective employer.

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Avg. Time:
3-4 hours

Skills you’ll build:
Self-reflection, interview preparation, career and self development, storytelling

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Do Network (Even if It’s Scary)

“While it may seem daunting for introverts, building connections and relationships can greatly enhance your job search,” Chaka says. “Take the initiative to attend career fairs, industry events, and professional meetups. Engage in conversations with professionals from different fields, ask questions, and show genuine interest in their work. Remember that you have unique strengths as an introvert. Take advantage of your ability to listen attentively and think deeply before responding to conversations. Use these qualities during networking conversations to make meaningful connections.”

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Once you’ve had these great conversations, Chaka adds that you need to follow up. “After meeting someone at an event or connecting online, send a personalized message expressing your gratitude for the conversation and any insights they shared,” she says. “This simple act demonstrates professionalism and keeps the connection alive.”

Don’t Limit Yourself

While we’ve listed some of the best jobs for introverts, there are so many more roles out there that might be a good fit.

“Don’t limit yourself to roles that seem “introvert-friendly” on their face, since ALL jobs are draining in some way,” says Sara Lobkovich, career fulfillment coach. “Follow your curiosity; look for jobs where you’ll have a chance to learn something you’re interested in or curious about and pay attention to which activities charge your batteries and which deplete them. By noticing those factors, looking for roles that maximize the time you spend in activities that charge your batteries, and minimizing the time you spend in activities that deplete your batteries, you can zero in on careers that are more naturally a fit for your specific cognitive make-up.”

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